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10 most memorable performances

During our #NonStopWorldTour we have had the pleasure of partying together with our fans in the most unexpected places. Like the opening of Hooters in PyongYang,
the Vatican Kids Choice Awards or our clothless gig in this mixed nudist colony,  just outside of Khartoum, Sudan. And there were more memorable moments on stage. Sharing is caring, right? Here are our 10 most memorable performances in complete random order.

1.  India – 2001

We’re in love with India for many reasons. Did you know that at some point we outsold Michael Jackson and the Beatles in India? We repeat: at some point we outsold Michael Jackson and the Beatles in India. That is crazy! Indian people do have great taste. Our India tour was special in lots of ways. We got a lot of love but there were also protesters against us. In some cities it was the first concert with Western dance music and in other cities we nearly got banned!

2. The B-96 Summer Bash, Chicago – 1999

B-96 is one of the best radio stations in the U.S. They have very loyal fans and the highlight of the year is the B-96 summer Bash. It must have been a huge honor for Ricky Martin, ’N Sync, Christina Aguilera to perform on the same stage as US! Just kidding! Maybe. But anyway, a dream come true to actually make it and perform in the United States.

3. World Music Awards, Monaco – 2000

Sometimes the awesomeness doesn’t happen on stage, but offstage. Monte Carlo is old world charm. We found ourselves rubbing elbows with Prince Albert and dancing the night away with Ricky Martin and legend Brigitte Bardot was hot, hot, hot.The perfect warm-up for our performance the next day  Oh, and we won an award for World’s Best Selling Dance Group. Say whut!

4. UK Tour with Steps – 2017

200.000 fans joined us when we were supporting our friends Steps on this massive tour. It was a match made in party heaven in all the biggest arena’s in the UK. Bringing joy and 90’s nostalgia to the world is what we live for! And food. Maybe we also live for food.

Vengaboys performing

5. Toppers in concert, Netherlands – 2013

The biggest yearly dress up party -If you forget King’s Day and Christmas- in one of the biggest venues in the Netherlands. Anyway, the Toppers are basically three Dutch men in glittery suits inviting artists on stage to perform the best of their work. We love us a cheesy theme party. The production was huge and we were honored to be their closing guest for the night. And nothing beats an arena full of people belting out your every song word for word!

6. TMF Awards, Netherlands – 1999

All awards are special, but your first award is even more special. Like your first kiss where tongues got into the equation. Getting this Award in the country where we had our first hits made it extra awesome. And also the moment we realised: so people actually like this noise we make? A night to remember!

7. Festival Viña Del Mar, Chili – 2000

So we like to party, but those Chileans love to par-tay. But really. They go all the way and beyond. We got to be a part of the biggest yearly event in Chili! We got the royal-fandom-treatment. Think hundreds of screaming fans surrounding us 24/7. Even INSIDE our hotel room. Insert shocked emoji.

8. Dubai – 2000

The same day our gig at TIESTO’S wedding got cancelled because.. well .. the Tiesto wedding got cancelled, an interesting invitation came: “Get on the Vengabus and come to Dubai.”  Back then it was still just a cute city in the desert. Apparently we were one of the first concerts ever held in Dubai, which made it super unique and us going down in Dubai history for, well, forever. We still get lots of free hugs when we are there!

9. The Dome Shows, Germany – 1998, 1999, 2000

Try to say this with a German accent: “Zee Dooooome Shooooovs.” We can not decide on the best one… But these shows were all a-ma-zing. In the line-up with Lenny Kravitz, Mariah Carey, Boyzone and Scooter! Just saying.

10. Brandenburger Tor – 2017

New Years Eve at The Brandenburger Tor was a blast. This show became extra special when our sailor boy Robin got proposed to. Live on German television! Regardless of his answer this show belongs on our list of most memorable performances. He said yes though. Duh.


We are looking forward to all the Vengatastic performances that are still to come. Keep on partying! #NonStopWorldTour

What was your most memorable Vengaboys performance? Let us know!

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