May 30th

Vengaboys have been invited to perform during the upcoming protest demonstration planned to take place on Ballhausplatz in front of the Federal Chancellery in Vienna. The popular foursome will put on a ‘guerrilla’ performance on Thursday, 30 May 2019, showcasing their 90’s megahit We’re Going To Ibiza!

The invitation follows the political scandal that hit the media last week when a video was leaked showing Austria’s vice-chancellor accepting a bribe in a villa on Ibiza from a woman posing as a representative for a Russian oligarch. The breaking news sent the Vengaboys’ We’re Going To Ibiza! to #1 in Austria as the anthem of choice for the thousands of protesters who have taken to Austria’s streets.

Vengaboys’ Captain Kim: “We’re Going To Ibiza! as a protest song in Austria!! They could’ve picked almost any Bob Dylan song. That shows us that the Austrians have great taste in music, and in spite of the magnitude of the scandal, they also have a great sense of humour.”

The political situation in Austria is highly unstable with protests and demonstrations throughout the country, all accompanied by the sound of We’re Going To Ibiza! blasting out of speakers. Vengaboys were invited to perform their party-turned “protest song” live during the “Farewell Party” for the fallen politician, and they didn’t have to think long. With mounting tensions in Austria reaching high levels, the group decided to accept the invitation and take to the stage as a “peacekeeping force”. “Austria needs a little love,” said D-Nice. “The Vengabus is coming! So, we’ll pump up the sound system, because we’re going to VIENNA!”.

In the meantime, numerous requests are coming in for Vengaboys to perform in Austria, Germany, and Ibiza. Media around the world, including BBC, Reuters, The Sun, RTL and Bild to name a few, are reporting on the skyrocketing revival of We’re Going To Ibiza! now at #1 in Austria. The British daily, The Guardian, recently published the much-read article on Austria’s ‘Ibizagate’ with the telltale title “We’re going to Ibiza! How the Vengaboys became the sound of political protest in Austria”.