June 28th

Woohoo! Two Vengaboys’ number 1 hits turned 20 this month. And to celebrate this special occasion we’ve released a new EP: Unplugged #1’s

“We present to you two stripped back versions, in celebrating 20 years since we first topped the charts.”

In 1999 ‘Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!! ’ and ‘We’re Going To Ibiza!’ went straight to No. 1 on the charts. Both party songs became summer’s anthems AND multi-platinum hits. Amassing over 250 million youtube views and 4 million streams a month on Spotify alone.

Experience these Vengaboys’ hits like never before, listen here!

Incredibly the summer classic ‘We’re Going To Ibiza!’ once again became worldwide news the song bursting back into the charts as protestors in Austria adopted the track as their anthem in response to a scandal that brought down the far-right government in their country.

We took the Vengabus to a celebration rally in Vienna. Tens of thousands of people came to party with the Vengaboys “ Also this impromptu concert resulted in worldwide news coverage.

“At one of our gigs the audience kept calling out for an encore and we had kinda run out of songs. So we decided – on the spot – to answer their cries with some acoustic versions instead , and they loved it! Now we’ve recorded a couple of those versions – some backstage and some in hotel rooms. Two unplugged versions are being released exactly 20 years after they hit number one around the world”

The Unplugged #1’s EP is out now. Click here to Listen

The band recorded the acoustical version of ‘Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!!’ while on tour in Australia earlier this year, backstage in their dressing room in Sydney. And they also laid down the unplugged version ‘We’re Going To Ibiza!’ in their hotel room at the legendary Pikes Hotel in Ibiza.

Check out the brand new video for ‘We’re Going to Ibiza!’ here

For more information and press enquiries: please check out the press release here with all the contact information.