March 14th

‘Over a one million viewers within 48 hours, despite YouTubes age limit’

Shortly after the launch, Vengaboys newest video clip has created both success and noise. In this video clip the viewers meet an inventive choreography produced by dozens of cheerful covered dancing breasts. However, the images didn’t get YouTube to cheer and the popular video channel immediately decided to put on an age limit to the video. This triggered other big international websites to support the Vengaboys by hosting the video clip, but this time without the age limit. The result: over a one million viewers within 48 hours and tons of discussions in the (social) media.

The band members about this uproar: “YouTube not only undermines the desires of 15 year old boys with raging hormones, but also our desire to spread love, freedom and happiness through our videos and music.”

14 Dutch designers

The video clip, inspired by the Brazilian carnival, has been directed by the Dutch couple Ine & Sanne. They have asked 14 Dutch designers to create prominent, beautiful or just very weird nipple covers for the dancing breasts. Amongst others Bas Kosters and Byborre were responsible for the designs, with the purpose: adding a new definition to the term ‘sex sells’.

World Cup Brazil 2014

Vengaboys  international breakthrough was in 1998 with the song ‘Up & Down’, they scored worldwide hits with songs as ‘We Like To Party!’, ‘Boom Boom Boom Boom!!’ & ‘We’re Going To Ibiza’. In The Netherlands the Vengaboys are the most successful pop act ever. The hit ‘To Brazil’, originally launched in 1997,  has been re-launched for the World Cup series in Brazil, in a whole new 2014 dance mix. Inquisitive viewers who want to see the video clip, can get there by using the following links:

• World Star Hip Hop: 827.000

• YouTube: 850.000

• Vimeo: 116.000